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Aptly named, the Mirage down sleeping bag is a regular Trompe-l'œil – a trick of the eye. Combining the tubular bell system with pre-cut anatomically formed baffles and ultra-light Asahi-Kasei Impact 66 rip-stop polyamide 37g/m2 fabric gives you a bag that will keep its loft even if we add no down (yes, sir). But though this would work wonders for the pack size, we have added 12.9 oz (365 g) of 800+ cu in (EU) gooses down just to keep you comfy on the safe side.

"Seventh freezing morning at our four star bivi, on the east face of Mascara au Torres del Paine" - Patahonia - Fragile Faces/900m with A5 and 6C (Babcsan Gabor-Hungary, Stephane Bauzac and Leslie Fucsko-France in 2001)  See the route 

Made on the principles of the Shocking Blue and the La Fayette, the Mirage will set the standards in its range. This time the benchmark is 26.3 oz (773 g) total, a pack size of only 4.8 liters, and an extreme temperature rating at 1.4°F (-17°C).

Field testers have taken the super light Mirage to 14°F (-10°C) wearing a base layer of underwear and a fleece vest. Even if these are not recommended temperature ratings (metabolism etc. should be considered), field tests have certainly underlined the extraordinary performance of the Mirage.

Andrew Crows product review below, tells yet another story of what kind of performance you can squeeze out of a Mirage. And Cassin ridge on Denali is not the right place to get stuck, so fast and light is the right way.......as long as you are 100% sure about your weather forecast! Nice one Andrew!

"Another milder morning....never the less, I do not want to get out of my bag" - Route "Le renouvellement des mites" Vercors, France: 350m A4 and 6b. Leslie Fuscko - France and Christi Negoita - Romania (Photo) and Emil Camerzan - Romania

The secret of this superb performance is simple: If you have taken the time to read the down page, you should know that we are capable of collecting a totally mature down quality here in France. But connected to a 100% anatomic construction, the ultra light Mirage lifts off and away from your body. On the leg section and foot box, there is NO contact at all, and a slight contact with NO weight feeling can be felt on the body section.

"Do I get out or not????....In here the warmth is guarentied......outside it's a A4 waiting for me..." Route "Le renouvellement des mites": 350m A4 and 6b, Vercors, France. Leslie Fuscko - France (Photo) and Christi Negoita and Emil Camerzan - Romania.

A strange feelings of being warm without any feel of weight on your body (like sleeping in the sun on the beach). And it's this weight/contact liberation that allows a full expansion of the down clusters in all directions.

Welcome to the jet age........Get a Mirage and go supersonic!


Asahi KASEI Impact 66 Polyamide WR Rip-Stop / Asahi KASEI Polyester WR Rip-Stop Asahi KASEI Impact 66 Polyamide WR Rip-Stop / Asahi Kasei Polyester WR Rip-Stop
Down Quality:

Goose 850 cuin+ (US Normes)
Total Weight:

27.3 oz. (773 g.) (1 lb 10 oz)
Down Load:

12.9 oz. (365 g.)

62.2/53.1/37.4 Inch (158/135/95cm)
Compressed Volume:

4.8 litres
Length (inside):

S: 66.9 in./170 cm
M: 72.8 in./185cm
L: 78.7 in./200cm
Temp Rating:

EN 13537 test results:
Extreme -17C (0F)
Limit of comfort -1C (30F)
Comfort: 4C (40F).
With over 30 years of experience producing and supplying down products, our experience says -5C (25F) in limit of comfort.

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Layne T Oliver  | 

The Mirage is an amazing piece of work when it comes to sleeping bags. I received one of the first Mirage bags made to test for Valandre! I put it thru its paces back packing in Utah's High Uintah's and the Wind River Range during spring through fall! I admit when I first saw this bag I had my doubt\'s as it was so light weight? However it is big on performance and endurance! I found the Mirage to be very roomy and very comfortable to sleep in as its materials create a comfortable environment inside the bag. The mirage doesn't smother you rather it just floats above your body and this is a unique experience! The Mirage will cut serious weight from your load as well as save you space and will not let you down when you need it most!

Ben  | 

When I received my Mirage from ProLite Gear, It was so lightweight I thought they shipped the wrong bag. After spending a night in sub freezing temperature with no tent or shelter, I completely trust this bag. It fits my body like a glove and the body heat retention is remarkable, given the bags weight. I'm completely sold on Valandre products! Keep up the good work.

Andrew Crow  | 

I used the Mirage on a three day climb of the Cassin Ridge. Initially I was hesitant to take such a light bag on such a big and committing route, but the bag performed flawlessly. The warmth to weight ration was just was I was looking for to keep our pack light and us moving fast on the route. Our last bivy at 17800 feet clocked a nighttime temp of -10 degrees F. Combined with all my insulating layers, the bag was perfect for this application. It has become my go to bag for everything from summer backpacking to winter alpine bivies. I love this bag!

Arnold Chassen  | 

My Mirage 3/4 zip bag far exceeded my expectations duting a 2 week backpack trip in New Mexico. Our trip peaked at 12,460' and we hiked through alpine and arid areas. Nighttime temps ranged from low 30's to low 90s. The sleeping bag packed small, carried light, and was comfortable. 3/4 zipper was a real bonus. Incredible quality.
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