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Chill Out 450

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23°F/ -5°C
Valandre Chill Out 450

After a long day in the late fall, we all look forward to a well-earned rest in the camp, and to Chill Out. All that we need is to be comfortable and protected against the cold.

The concept of the Chill Out 450, is a mix of Valandre’s high tech tubular construction, using pre-cut anatomical baffles, a proven technology from our goose down expedition sleeping bags, and our famous Pyrenean Duck Down.

To make this technique available to warmer weather outdoors folk, we have filled this high tech shell with our 90/10 “fatty” duck downsourced in the South West of France. A quality that will excel at keeping you warm and comfortable at a very competitive price!

Caviar for beginners: Morning – Midday and Night!

EN 13537 test results   PDF
Extreme : -4°F/ -20.5°C
Limit of comfort : 26°F/ -3.7°C
Comfort : 35°F/ 1.8°C
With over 30 years of experience producing and supplying down products, our experience says -5°C (23°F) in limit of comfort.
Outside fabric : 100% Polyamide Nylon 6 Micro-Ripstop 40g/m2 DWR treatment
Inside fabric : 100% Polyamide Nylon 6 40g/m2 DWR treatment
Compartments :

18 continuous compartments, using Valandre's second generation tubular technology of H-box wall pre-cut and anatomical shaped baffles.

Down quality : Duck Down 90/10

Filled with our 90/10 "fatty" gray duck from the South West of France. A unique and totally mature down quality, that have a filling power of 650+ cuin (EU Norms) 700+ (US Norms). A strong long lasting quality down with excellent moisture resistance.

Length(out) 200cm 78.7in 215cm 84.6in 230cm 90.6in
Length(in) 170cm 66.9in 185cm 72.8in 200cm 78.7in
Shoulder 159cm 62.6in 163cm 64.2in 174cm 68.5in
Hip 135cm 53.1in 139cm 54.7in 150cm 59.1in
Foot 97cm 38.2in 101cm 39.8in 111cm 43.7in
Compressed Volume 5.5 L 335 in3 6.0 L 366 in3 6.5 L 396 in3
Total weight 804g 1lb 12oz 869g 1lb 14oz 952g 2lb 1oz
Down load 412g 14.5oz 450g 15.9oz 488g 1lb 1oz
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