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Lightweight expedition - Winter alpine climbing
-13°F/ -25°C
Valandre Freja


 Mrs Uh Eun Sun's turbo team: Left Ong-Chu Sherpa and right Pema Sherpa. Together with this team, Mrs Oh climbed: Annapurna, Kanchenjunga, Daulagiri, Nanga Parbat and Gasherbrun I.

With a down load of 33.7oz (954g), a total weight of 54.4oz (1544g), and a conservative EN comfort rating of 3.2°F (-16°C), the Freja is a serious bag for 4-season winter use, and perfect for 6000/7000m peaks.

The Freja is a first generation Tubular bell construction. In the first generation, the two tubes of different diameters are assembled using a mesh tape. By folding the tape, once connected to the inside tube of smaller diameter, the anatomical baffle is manually shaped. This is very labor intensive, and a very high level of concentration and manual accuracy are required....Not just any seamstress can sew a Freja.

This little masterpiece - signed Valandré, is quite a conservative bag in its baffle construction. it is "28 straight H box wall construction", fixing the down in independent compartments on the top and on the back. In the field, this offers you the guarantee that once you pull the bag out of the compression sac, the down filling will be exactly where it is designed to be, at the right and precise quantity. (Continuous baffle systems are not advised on a port ledge!).

The baffles are "tuck stitched" from the inside of the outside fabric, stitching the baffles on to a double layer. Combined with an impressing strong Asahi Kasei fabric, this shell will not fail.....because quality gear are made to last.

The zipper is a top quality, 68 inch (175cm), auto-blocking YKK. As the zipper automatically "blocks" in the selected position, the Freja offers an efficient way of regulating the ventilation. And the zipper is protected with a storm flap, to avoid icing of the zip.

The hood is a perfect 3D "half moon" construction, offering a maximum of down insulation to the extreme forehead, so you can now forget sleeping with your woll hood on. Though very efficient, once drawn down, the hood of the Freja is large enough to offer a possibility of ventilation of the head, once the bag is used in higher temperatures.

The draft collar is as perfected as the rest. Basically it's a 3D collar, where the shoulder width is compensated into the shape, hence offering more collars on the shoulders than on the neck and throat, which is calculated within the anatomical shape of the collar. Once again a semi-elastic draw cord is integrated into the collar, offering a precise adjustment and comfort.

As explained, the Freja is a serious quality down bag. Before considering becoming: "a owner", you should keep in mind that you are contemplating with a durable quality. Ten to twenty years down the road, you will still have it, and during this period, if any problems, we, here in the Pyrenees, stand by your side.

Ten to twenty a gear marriage!

Extreme : -34°F/ -37°C
Limit of comfort : 4°F/ -16°C
Comfort : 16°F/ -9°C
With over 30 years of experience producing and supplying down products, our experience says -25°C (-13°F) in limit of comfort.
Outside fabric : 100% Polyamide Nylon 6-6 Ripstop 40.7g/m2 DWR treatment
Inside fabric : 100% Polyester 40.8g/m2 DWR treatment
Compartments :

31 compartments mounted using straight H box wall baffles, manually

Down quality : Goose Down 95/05

Filled with our 95/05 "fatty" gray goose from the South West of France. A unique and totally mature down quality, that has a fill power of 800+ cuin (EU Norms) 850+ (US Norms). A strong long lasting quality down with excellent moisture resistance.

Length(out) 200cm 78.7in 215cm 84.6in 230cm 90.6in
Length(in) 170cm 66.9in 185cm 72.8in 200cm 78.7in
Shoulder 147cm 57.9in 158cm 62.2in 169cm 66.5in
Hip 133cm 52.4in 142cm 55.9in 152cm 59.8in
Foot 80cm 31.5in 86cm 33.9in 92cm 36.2in
Total weight 1.45kg 3lb 3oz 1.54kg 3lb 6oz 1.65kg 3lb 10oz
Down load 888g 1lb 15oz 954g 2lb 1oz 1.02kg 2lb 3oz
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