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Help Jeff Lowe

US Icone climber Jeff Lowe came to the OR Show, crippled in his wheelchair, but spirits as high as his reputation. Jeff presented the remaining’s of his backpack, left behind after his remarkable solo on the North Face of Eiger in the winter 1991. Jeff opened a new route over the course of 9 days: a direct shoot up the middle of the north face called “Metanoia”.

US Icone climber Jeff Lowe came to the OR Show

US Icone climber Jeff Lowe came to the OR Show

Lowe’s 20-year-old pack and gear on display at OR

At the exit of the route, Jeff had to be heliported from the summit, and hence left his back pack below at his last biwi. On march 25 this year, Josh Wharton spend over two hour’s digging Jeff’s backpack out of the snow.  The contains of the backpack was on display at this years OR summer show at the Liberty Mountain booth: 10009.

Climbing is a community, so we inform that Jeff wants to produce a film, and there can be no doubt that this movie will be interesting for all of us, who are addicted to mountaineering. However, Jeff needs funding, so we invite everybody to check out their new website, that has been ON for two days now:


Jeff Lowe’s Pack Retrieved from Eiger North Face from Jeff Lowe on Vimeo.


Jeff Lowe opens his backpack 20 years later from Jeff Lowe on Vimeo.


Ogden Climbing Parks Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation‏

So we passed the hat around and collected $102.25. Some gave $20 some 5, everybody gave what they could. You too can pass the hat around: In your climbing club, in your store, in your company…….

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