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Valandre sleeping bags are divided into a no-compromise goose down line and a high-end duck down line for less extreme conditions. The goose down bags are ... MORE INTRO

The high tech three dimensional cut, consisting of the inside cut and shape of the fabric and an identical but larger outside fabric. MORE

Building on the techniques used to construct the Shocking Blue sleeping bag, the La Fayette pushes the limits of sleeping bag design. MORE

The SWING series sleeping bags are a tuck stitched continuous baffle construction. Sewn up in a quality solid POLYESTER outside fabric MORE


Goose Down RDS
Welcome the newest bag to the Valandre line! The Chill Out is the perfect "go to" bag for the weekend and beyond.


Goose Down
The center half size zipper La Fayette is designed to perform at its maximum in its extreme temperatures. For this reason, it is not the most comfortable in the Valandre line. ... MORE


The foundation of the jacket and equipment line of Valandre was historically made to satisfy the special needs from high altitude expedition climbing, in the early eighties, as the tactics changed into small and fast alpine teams, went non ox.

Products like the Bering, Baffin, Combi not to forget the Olan booties and Oural mittens, are pure high altitude expedition oriented products.

The Outdoor Award winning jackets: Immelman G2 and the Bifrost, are semi oriented expedition and alpine products, and is a reminder of the creative capacity from Valandre.



In an expedition sleeping bag upon which your survival depends 65% of the insulating weight/mass, comes from "down". Since Valandré uses"one of the most sophisticated 3D construction techniques in the world", we simply do not want to fill the shell with "hay". After all you won't expect Porsche to fitt a 911 with a 2 stroke engine. Straight and simple explanations are therefore important.

It is fundamental to keep in mind that geese are migrating animals. Twice a year they migrate, between the north and south hemispheres, therefore completing long distance endurance flights up to 800 miles non-stop and at altitudes reaching 24.000ft with a cruising speed of 50 miles/hour (80km/h).

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Imagine a down gear construction technique that is based on pure geometry. leaving nothing to chance. Using the human form as a guide, fabric is formed into shapes that surround every part of your body, minimizing excess weight while keeping consistent levels of insulation at every point of your body. This is the foundation of Tubular Bell construction.

Starting with a cylindrical form that follows the human form perfectly, we cover that shape with a second, larger cylinder. This is where the Tubular Bells start to ring! Connect the smaller and larger cylinders with precisely cut baffles, or ribs, that follow the contour of the inner and outer cylinder. Now we have a construction technique that is miles/kilometers ahead of everyone else.

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A clean product will perform better, last longer, and keep you warmer. Valandré has a special washing and repair service for all of its products. Simply send your Valandré item to the address below and we’ll clean it, do any repairs that are necessary, and get it back to you in top shape. You’ll be ready for the next adventure in no time at all. Ok, it takes about 72 hours (FedEx) to 14 days (post) weeks for shipping.

For this reason Valandré recommends you use a product like Woolite® to wash your product. Simply place your product in a large commercial front-loading washing machine, put in the Woolite® per the directions on the bottle, and insert your hard-earned money in the machine.

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