Troll -15°C/ 5°F

  • 56 individual baffles.
  • 100% articulated cut , allowing free arm movements in all direction.
  • Down filled hood and collar
  • One inside pocket and two outside zippered hand-warmer pockets.
  • Non snag central zip system.

Innovative 3-D baffle technology makes the new, award-winning Valandre TROLL down jacket feel like a warm, embracing, mirror image of your naked body, complete with effortless full range of motion. It has been described as ‘weightless' due to the cosy vacuum sensation it creates. 

The Troll, with its incredible warmth-to-weight ratio and perfectly designed articulation, is a down jacket unmatched by any other.

Practical features:

  • The zipper is backed by our unique multi-stitch pattern, which means the zipper never catches on the fabric
  • The fast-sliding, two-way zipper allows easy access from both top and bottom
  • The zipper goes high enough to comfortably enclose the nose
  • The jacket hangs below the buttocks, adding to the cosiness and warmth and locking well under a harness when needed
  • The hood is anatomically shaped and easily accommodates helmets while still being the perfect size on a bare head
  • Two large internal chest pockets compliment the normal external hand pockets
  • The jacket is highly compressible and lightweight (700g in the medium-size jacket)

Technical features:

  • Inner and outer layers are connected by 63 anatomically shaped baffles
  • The resulting 56 down compartments prevent shifting of the down
  • In the medium-size jacket, the inner liner (made from 29 pieces of Asashi Kasei nylon) is cut to size medium and the outer liner (made from 37 pieces of laminated mini rip-stop nylon) is cut to size large in order to accommodate the down feathers without any compression
  • The baffles on the arms are circular shaped while on the forearms they are oval shaped.

The Troll is in the box 

0.64 kg

Temp test results

-15°C / 5°F

Down Quality

Down Quality:
Goose Down 95/05
56 compartments. Anatomically shaped pre-cut H-box wall baffles.

Fabric Asahi-KASEI©

100% Polyamide Nylon 6 40g/m² DWR treatment
100% Polyamide Nylon 6-6 Laminated Mini-Ripstop 45g/m² DWR treatment
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