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Swing 900 | Valandre | Down Sleeping bags

Valandre Swing 900

Valandre Swing 900
Swing 900 | Valandre | Down Sleeping Bags

Swing 900 | Valandre | Down Sleeping Bags | Description :

The Valandre Swing 900 Sleeping bag is a bag for the great outdoors. When I say great, I mean winter, spring, summer and fall. Dipping down to -13° F is no problem for the Valandre Swing 900. This Valadre four-season sleeping bag is designed with the harshest conditions in mind and constructed with classic H box design to incorporate Valandre’s Tubular Bell design. Duck down will keep you warm in this Valandre down sleeping bag with extra insulation around the foot and the head. Duck, duck, goose?

Swing 900 | Valandre | Down Sleeping Bags | Features:

Four-season sleeping bag for lightweight expedition, alpine climbing and serious backcountry trekking
700+ duck down insulated sleeping bag
Weighs a mere 48.3 oz (1,525 g)
Shell is a modified “classical” H box design that is related to Valandre’s Tubular Bell design
Gives extra insulation where you need it most, around the foot section and the head
Pyrenean duck down is on par with goose down in quality and insulation
Duck down is chosen with the same eye for quality, animal health and environment as the goose down in heavy, expedition Valandre sleeping bags

Swing 900 | Valandre | Down Sleeping Bags | Specifications:

Fabric: Asahi KASEI 100% Polyamide Nylon 6-6 Ripstop 38.7g/m2 DWR treatment / 100% Polyester 40.8g/m2 DWR treatment
Down Quality: Duck 700+
Down Load: 31.5 oz. (900 g)
Comfort Rating: 5° F (-15° C)
Extreme Rating: -13° F (-21° C)
Compressed Volume: 12 liters
Average Total Weight: 48.3 oz. (1377 g)
Inside Length: Small: 66.9″ / 170 cm
Inside Length: Medium: 72.8″ / 185 cm
Inside Length: Large: 78.7″ / 200 cm
Circumference: 66.1″ / 57″ / 40.5″ (168 / 145 / 103 cm) (Shoulder/Hip/Foot)

Swing 900 | Valandre | Down Sleeping Bags | Video:

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