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The 2012 summer Olympic games has started in London

The 2012 summer Olympic games

We at Valandre salute all the athletes who made it to the games. The sacrifices made in daily training, and the discipline imposed on all athletes, will for some payoff during the games: Let the competition start and may the best win!

The Olympic champion has to combine several virtues. A disciplined Seoul, drives the body to higher performances on a daily scale, always within the personal maximum (Individual sports), a zen like kind of constant meditation.

Those who the next coming weeks, becomes Olympic Champion in their specialty, represent the summit of their generation.

Mount Olympus

But the summit of the summit is Mount Olympus, rising up to 2.917m (9.570ft) and the highest mountain in Greece. House to the twelve Olympian gods, this mountain is the mother of all SPORTS. And to the Olympian gods, those who summit are: Olympian sports men… other words Alpinists!

May the best Athlete win in London!

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Man walks up Mount Kilimanjaro on his hands

Hats off……..everybody clap your hands!

Mountaineering is a personal engagement between the climber and his mountain. Climbing up the Tanzanian volcano Mount Kilimanjaro, is not a big deal in the scale of climbing an 8000m peak. Just 5.895m……yes just a “small little 5.895m”!
Spencer West (USA) confronted his mountain and summited it, in what simply deserves its place in the history of mountaineering: With no legs, Spencer wheel chaired some of the way and climbed where the wheel chair could not go……on his hands. It takes determination and courage and a profound love for life to for fill such an achievement.
A BIG BIG Bravo Spencer……Hats off!

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Billi Bierling at the Friedrichshafen Outdoor show

Billi Bierling interviews Hirotaka Takeushi (June 5th 12) in Kathmandu after his last 14 8000: Dhaulagiri.

Billi Bierling interviews Hirotaka Takeushi (June 5th 12) in Kathmandu after his last 14 8000: Dhaulagiri.

Barbara Bierling from Garmisch, will join Valandre at our “come back show” at the European Outdoor show in Friedrichshafen Germany July 12 – 15 in Hall 7 stand 307.

Barbara, better known in the community, as Billi, has scaled 3 8000: Everest 21.05.2009, Manaslu 01.10.2010, Lhotse 24.05.2011. In 2011 Billi tested her skills again, climbing Manaslu a second time without the use of supplemental oxygen. In lower speed, Billi reached the summit, and returned safely.

Billi is a late converted into sports. Born in Garmisch, Billi has a natural attachment to Alpinism and Mountaineering, and starts her day with a 45min spin around the block, cold shower and a Yogurt without sugar. What more do you need in life?

Billi....On Lhotse...26.05.11.."in extase"

Billi….On Lhotse…26.05.11..”in extase”

Billi is today totally dedicated to Himalayan climbing, besides being active on the peaks. Thanks to her formation as Journalist in England, Billi is an active writer. As an English speaking journalist, Billi has assisted MISS Elizabeth Hawley in Kathmandu for more than 7 years and interviewed the returning expedition, keeping the records up to date.

Billi on Manaslu 01.10.2010....using supplemental Margaritas

Billi on Manaslu 01.10.2010….using supplemental “Margaritas”.

Assistant to the AKASHA CHRONICLE of MISS Elizabeth Hawley, Billi holds an extremely interesting conversation, and it is always a pleasure, to have her around. Being a friend of Valandre, Billi accepted to join us at the Friedrichshafen show in Hall 7 booth 307.

So, swing by if you have a second.

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Hirotaka Takeushi becomes the first Japanese on the 14 8000

Hirotaka Takeushi first Japanese on the 14 8000Hirotaka Takeushi first Japanese on the 14 8000

Saturday 26th at 05:30pm (17:30) Hirotaka Takeushi (竹内洋岳) summited his final 14 8000 Dhaulagiri (8167m/26.795ft). Kenro Nakajima (Climber and cameraman) was due to take part in the summit push, but apparently he turned around between CII (6600m) and CIII at 7400m.

Hirotaka collected all the necessary gear, and carried on alone. An interesting fact, as Hirotaka is nick named “Solitary man” in Japan.

We are now waiting for his summit images, and eventually summit videos. According to information’s, Hiro should air in the “NEWS ZERO” on NTV today at 22:54h (Japan time)

A BIG congratulations to MISTER Hirotaka Takeushi for his final 14 8000, and the fact that the question who would become the first Japanese to complete this task, has now found the final answer.

Listen to Hirotaka Takeushi on radio from Dhaulagiri BC:

Blog:竹内洋岳 – Hirotaka Takeuchi


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Summit push…

Hirotaka takeuchi and Kenro Nakasima

Hirotaka Takeushi is now pushing for the Dhaulagiri summit. Accompanied by Kenro Nakasima, who is both climbing partner as well as cameraman, Kenro will hopefully send us the expected photos and evt video, once Hiro sets foot on his last 8000m peak.
According to Takeushi, the summit window is open May 26th.

We at Valandre wish both of you, good luck!

Go now Hiro

Blog: Hirotaka Takeushi

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