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Hirotaka Takeushi becomes the first Japanese on the 14 8000

Hirotaka Takeushi first Japanese on the 14 8000Hirotaka Takeushi first Japanese on the 14 8000

Saturday 26th at 05:30pm (17:30) Hirotaka Takeushi (竹内洋岳) summited his final 14 8000 Dhaulagiri (8167m/26.795ft). Kenro Nakajima (Climber and cameraman) was due to take part in the summit push, but apparently he turned around between CII (6600m) and CIII at 7400m.

Hirotaka collected all the necessary gear, and carried on alone. An interesting fact, as Hirotaka is nick named “Solitary man” in Japan.

We are now waiting for his summit images, and eventually summit videos. According to information’s, Hiro should air in the “NEWS ZERO” on NTV today at 22:54h (Japan time)

A BIG congratulations to MISTER Hirotaka Takeushi for his final 14 8000, and the fact that the question who would become the first Japanese to complete this task, has now found the final answer.

Listen to Hirotaka Takeushi on radio from Dhaulagiri BC:

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