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Gangnam Style

South Korea has more to offer than Hyundai cars and Samsung smartphones – actually they have a wild unbridled culture, where style is key.





JB KIM works in the marketing department of Black Yak in Seoul. JB graduated from law school at the University of Seoul, but his attachment to mountaineering drove him to develop what he calls: The NOMAD STYLE.

Korean NOMAD STYLE is a mixture of engaged high altitude climbing mixed with Rock & Roll and sex. NOMADE STYLE people naturally attend funerals of climbing friends in a suit….but it does not necessarily need to be clean.



JB KIM is a creative NOMAD STYLE climber, and besides working at Black Yak, JB fiddles around with videos. In the video above you can meet JB KIM in the role of “the diver” in the SINCITY video.