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Mr Ralf Dujmovits & Mrs Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner | ISPO WINTER 2012

Old friendships are important, so I had the pleasure to meet with Ralf Dujmovits who introduced me to his new wife Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner at the 2012 winter ISPO show in Munich. Ralf reached his last 8000m peak (Lhotse) in 2009 and became the first German on the 14 8000 and number 16 in the line:

1989 — Nuptse NW ridge
1996 — Nuptse Northpillar
1990 — Dhaulagiri
1992 — Mt Everest (supplemental oxygen)
1993 — Baruntse
1994 — K2
1995 — Cho Oyu
1998 — Cho Oyu
1996 — Shisha Pangma
1997 — Shisha Pangma
1999 — Broad Peak
2000 — Gasherbrum II
2001 — Nanga Parbat
2009 — Lhotse

Ralf is a strong and dedicated DAV Guide, and his record contains numerous successful expeditions, guiding clients to a 8000m summit. A true pillar in German High Altitude climbing, and a great man.

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner is a Austrian climber, out of the “old school”, extremely attached and sensitive to the notion of “The mountain”. August 2011 Gerlinde and Ralf engaged a climb of the Japanese route of the North Pillar of K2. Here Gerlinde summited her final 8000m peak and became the first woman to complete the 8000m without supplemental oxygen:

1998 — Cho Oyu,
2001 — Makalu,
2002 — Manaslu,
2003 — Nanga Parbat,
2004 — Annapurna I,
2004 — Gasherbrum I,
2005 — Shisha Pangma,
2005 — Gasherbrum II,
2006 — Kangchenjunga,
2007 — Broad Peak,
2008 — Dhaulagiri,
2009 — Lhotse,
2010 — Mount Everest,
2011 — K2.

A full report of the K2 climb 2011, will be published in a 32 page report in NATIONAL GEOGRAFIC, translated and published worldwide, and due to appear in April 2012.

THE ORIGINAL Mrs OH down gear from Annapurna

THE ORIGINAL Mrs OH down gear from Annapurna

THE ORIGINAL Mrs OH down gear from Annapurna

Mrs Oh Eun Sun’s summit equipment ( Bering down parka + Baffin down bibs), is on display at the Black Yak & Valandre booth at ISPO winter. After her summit of Annapurna, a BIG controversial discussion started, whether she summited Kanchenjunga or not. At Valandre we have no reason to doubt the honesty of a little woman who climbed 4 8000m peaks in 2009, and have no reason not to trust the words of PRESIDENT KANG. During a very direct conversation with Reinhold Messner at this year’s Winter OR, Messner confirmed that, after having examined all available documents and using what’s left of his brain cells, that Mrs Oh DID summit Kanch!  So BRAVO Mrs Oh, you cross the line in a first place.



Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia | Outdoor Retailer Trade Show

Last day at the OR Winter show 2012, and Jeff Lowe “wheeled” up in front of the Liberty Mountain booth, well equipped with plastic water bottles on his legs. (Well in UTAH they can fill water bottles with Margaritas!). Climbing is a passion that you share with others, so Jeff is working on his film about his solo on Eiger, and this is a BIG challenge for a crippled man. His solo on Eiger represents the high light of his life, and he just wants to share it with the community. The community should pay respect by giving him a helping hand, and pass the hat around. (Wall Street bankers are invited to send a Million or two, to try to save their lost souls).

Nolan Fritts | Combi suit + the La Fayette

Nolan Fritts from Slingfile in Berkeley CA started to talk high altitude expedition at our booth at Liberty Mountain. So we opened the chat, and explained Valandre’s concept of “Gear” designed for “High altitude non ox speed climbing”. Trying several bags one by one, I cooked up Nolan for the BIG test: The combination of our high altitude Combi suit + the La Fayette. Thanks Nolan…..we had fun…..and shared the passion
blog :

Nolan Fritts | Combi suit + the La Fayette

Nolan Fritts | Combi suit + the La Fayette