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Black Yak & Valandre join forces at ISPO winter 2012 in Hall B6 Booth 503

Hall B6 Booth 503

BLACK YAK & VALANDRE | Hall B6 Booth 503

ISPO winter 2012 in Hall B6 Booth 503 ISPO winter 2012 | Hall B6 Booth 503

To be the leading outdoor group in the world, WE CHALLENGE EVERYDAY!

Since its beginning in 1973 starting as “Dongjin Mountain”, BLAKCYAK & Dongjin Leisure continue to grow as one of the leading outdoor brands in Korea with the brand portfolio of BLACKYAK, mountia, and karrimor.
We take great care of ensuring that we provide a wide range of quality products for Mt. Everest expedition as well as day hikers, so customers love our products and enjoy outdoor life.
As a result, we are composed with a diverse portfolio of brands: “Himalayan original” BLACKYAK, “mountain utopia” mountia, and “British Original” karrimor.
Moreover, BLACKYAK and Dongjin Leisure challenged outside Korea while other brands were solely focused on Korean market.
We became the first outdoor brand in Korea to establish foreign branch in China and have continued to increase the business to become No. 1 outdoor brand in China.
Despite the accolades and growth, we continue to challenge ourselves to better serve our customer for years to come.
We would not settle down where we are now.
We keep challenge the status quo for the bigger picture.
We believe that we will become the leading outdoor brand and be regarded as No.1 brand by professional mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts.
To conquer the top, we make sure that customers always come first and they are in the center of our growth.

Thank you for your endless support, and we look forward to sharing with you the profound progress of BLACKYAK and Dongjin Leisure.

To be the leading outdoor group in the world, WE CHALLENGE EVERYDAY!
40th anniversary of BLACKYAK and Dongjin Leisure.

So, come around Hall B6 Booth 503 to meet us and our Korean BLACK YAK friends.




Billi Bierling Germany summits Manaslu. Her first without O2 and her first with Valandre!

Billi Bierling summits Manaslu. Her first without O2, and her first with Valandre

Billi Bierling - Germany


“Billli, where exactly are you?” Russell called me over the radio. “I am about 10 minutes away from the real summit,” I replied from the point everyone calls the “rock tower”. I had been climbing for exactly eight hours and as Russell was determined that I should make it back down to Camp II after the summit, he wanted me to hurry up. Most of my climbing mates, who had been using supplementary oxygen, had already made it back down to Camp IV, where they were re-hydrating and getting ready to descend to the safer altitudes of Camp II. “I am already on my way down to base camp,” I heard Herbert say over the radio, who probably could not wait to get some proper food after hardly having eaten for three days.


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NORIKO NAKANO from Chamonix Mont Blanc integrates the Team




 I have been waiting for her return from Japan after 6 years. Nolik is a born professional from Chamonix, daughter of TORU NAKANO. Japanese Himalayan climber and photographer.

Some of the most difficult and the most dangerous routes was opened by Japanese in the alpes and in the Himalayas… one can only sit and waite, to see the dimention She will break into now.

Valandre is on belay…..Nolik!

中野 則子 | Mrs Noriko Nakano
営業アシスタント – ジャポン | Japan Sales Assistant

Intégrale du pilier du fou en solo

Industrie Valandré débarque aux USA

Fabricant de sacs de couchage en duvet des Pyrénées, Valandré (Belcaire) signe un accord avec «Un important distributeur américain, qui va distribuer nos produits aux USA à partir de février 2012, annonce Michel Bostvironnois, dirigeant associé (50 salariés). Le potentiel escompté est équivalent aumarché français et pourrait nous permettre de doubler le CA à moyen terme ».

Le CA 2011, en croissance, s’élève à 1,6M€. «Nos marchés historiques, la Corée et le Japon (15% du CA) ont retrouvé le niveau d’avant la crise », se réjouit le dirigeant. L’entreprise a reçu pour la 2e fois la médaille d’or Innovation pour sa veste d’alpinisme au salon professionnel des vêtements Outdoor à Friedrischshafen (Allemagne).

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La médaille d’or Innovation

La médaille d’or Innovation

Traversée Rochefort Jorasses

Traversée Rochefort Jorasses

Traversée Rochefort Jorasses


Le beau temps est de la partie pour ce WE de septembre. Coup de fil avec Fred pour papoter projets de courses…

…Ce sera, sur le fil des 4000 entre France et Italie…

Quels mots pour qualifier cette course : magnifique itinéraire,  d’ampleur, engagée, élégant, où l’on peut jouer au funambule, avançant sur un fil se découpant sur l’azur, arête arienne, vertigineuse et très effilée après la pointe Marguerite, panorama exceptionnel vers les cimes et glaciers du massif,  ambiance majestueuse et austère, solitude, descente sauvage … Bref, parcours tantôt sur un fil de neige vertigineux (le vent a sculpté ici de magnifiques œuvres d’art…), tantôt le long de lignes rocheuses aériennes (les lignes fuient de tous côtés…) tantôt en face nord….

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