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25 August 2011 – Local time in the morning – International K2 Expedition

A big hello at deposit camp

We are very relieved to report that Tommy and Ralf were able to meet Gerlinde, Maxut, Vassiliy und Darek at the deposit camp, which is at the end of the heavily crevassed glacier.
They are on their way down to the base camp and after a short rest will continue to the Chinese base camp.
The camels are already waiting there and the team will start their way back into civilisation tomorrow.

We are sending our heartfelt congratulations to the whole team, especially gerlinde for their amazing success.

Warm Regards

Gerlinde’s and Ralf’s Home Team
© TEXT G.Kaltenbrunner/R.Dujmovits ; TRANSLATION: Billi Bierling

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