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Nolan Fritts | Combi suit + the La Fayette

Nolan Fritts from Slingfile in Berkeley CA started to talk high altitude expedition at our booth at Liberty Mountain. So we opened the chat, and explained Valandre’s concept of “Gear” designed for “High altitude non ox speed climbing”. Trying several bags one by one, I cooked up Nolan for the BIG test: The combination of our high altitude Combi suit + the La Fayette. Thanks Nolan…..we had fun…..and shared the passion
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Nolan Fritts | Combi suit + the La Fayette

Nolan Fritts | Combi suit + the La Fayette

OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD | Valandre Immelman – Down jacket | GOLD award

GOLD Winner of Industry AWARD 2011“Valandre Immelman” – Down jacket

Manufacturer: Valandre, Belcaire/France
Design: Valandre, Belcaire/France

Of the 301 product entries, the jury chose a total of 46 to receive an award; eleven of those entries received a GOLD award for special achievement in terms of design and innovation.
Mountain-climbing equipment (An open and difficult category):
A newly developed chamber system prevents the down from sliding around in this jacket. It was specially designed for use in the high mountains at low temperatures to allow for an extremely wide range of movement.
Jury’s opinion: “The right jacket for cold weather in the high mountains. It has been perfectly crafted; there are as few seams as possible and it provides a great fit. A fantastic product for the coldest regions in the world!”
Darek Zaluski in CII on the North Pillar of K2, testing the GOLD awarded Immelman jacket.

Camp II – Darek Zaluski (Poland)

  Darek Zaluski in CII on the North Pillar of K2

Testing the GOLD awarded Immelman jacket.

Latest Immelman News 2011-2012

IfDesign OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2011

IfDesign OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2011

Latest Immelman News 2011-2012


Wednesday 29.06, the jury of the Outdoor Industry Award 2011, informed and announced that the Immelman has been Awarded.

At the moment, it’s not known what kind of Award the Immelman has received (GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE). This will be announced at the Award Ceremony on the fashion stage, July 14th at 17:30 in Friedrichshafen.

After the GOLD Award in 2009 for the Bloody Mary, a second Award in a row for the Immelman….is not bad.


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Immelman down jacket | Latest product information


The Immelman

Stick’em up everybody……this is a hold up!


Since the first presentation at the Outdoor Retailer, we have continued the development of the Immelman.

Latest product information concerning the Immelman.

The technical key issue in the Immelman is the combination of articulation and a compartment system, that fixes the insulating down exactly where it is designed to be. To raise the performance of the Immelman, we have increased the total number of body side and inner sleeve compartment from 6 to 9. This increase in lateral compartments, offers a better guarantee that the insulation is maintained in the correct place, once the arms in movements and raised up.


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Looping | Valandre | Outerwear

Looping | Valandre | Outerwear

Valandre | Down Outerwear | Description :

The Women’s Looping Vest by Valandre is the go-to accessory for any adventure girl. Wear the Valandre Looping vest while running errands, some light trail trekking or just by the campfire. This Valandre down vest is built upon sound technology and design derived from all Valandre’s superior products. This sleeveless Valandre vest of wonder is engineered for easy movement and rotation near the shoulders and torso. A fully zipping, high collar keeps your pretty little face all warm and cozy in the Valandre Looping vest.

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