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Mixed feelings from Everest BC

Generally this year was bad on the south side of Everest. Abnormally high temperatures in badging sunlight, radiated the Khumbu icefall and the Lhotse wall, increasing the risk of avalanches. The icefall, was and is unstable and with a very high risk as it was moving from day to day.

 Khumbu Icefall......this years tricky part on Everest
Khumbu Icefall……this years tricky part on Everest

Russel Brice ( decided to “pull the plug” and dismantled his BC, which once again triggered off a new controversy in the community. Russ has already tasted the sweet taste of “fatal controversy”, when David Sharp died on the Tibet side of Everest May 27th 2006. Read more about the reasons to pull the plug.

Russel is an experienced old timer now, and his judgment stands clear. If there are a major collaps in the Kumbu icefall, not only can this have fatal consequences in the BC, but it can also block the “bottled climbers”, descending from a summit attempt.

As of yesterday May 21, 3 climbers were reported dead on Everest, and two other were reported missing ( But the season is not over yet!

 Chilian climbers heading for the South Col May 17th.
Chilian climbers heading for the South Col May 17th.

Ralf Dujmovits did try his “topless” Everest attempt. Climbing without oxygen, solo from CIII, and carrying all his personal gear up to the South Col just the way it should be done. Suisse speed climber Uli  Steck, was in Ralf’s tracks and arrived later at the South Col. Together they would go for the summit next day (May 18th).

 A "Burned out" Ralf at the South Col of Everest
A “Burned out” Ralf at the South Col of Everest

During the night, Ralf realized that he had burned out, and with his experience of 27 8000, he knew his new heading: Down. It’s obvious that Ralf had not completely recovered from the sickness of sinusitis during the climb… a burn out at the South Col is not surprising. Uli Steck however, summited topless the 18th.

During the decent, Ralf crossed the organized expeditions heading for the summit. “Climbers” bottled up in CII, heading to become the first boy on the block, to climb Everest.

 Climbing Everest? No comments.
Climbing Everest? No comments.

Summit window is reported open from the 24 to 27 May. And the Khumbu Icefall is roasting in the sun…

 The size of a summit is not bigger than a postal stamp.
Pay $75.000 and get your place in the line!

Good luck!

Black Yak & Valandre join forces at ISPO winter 2012 in Hall B6 Booth 503

Hall B6 Booth 503

BLACK YAK & VALANDRE | Hall B6 Booth 503

ISPO winter 2012 in Hall B6 Booth 503 ISPO winter 2012 | Hall B6 Booth 503

To be the leading outdoor group in the world, WE CHALLENGE EVERYDAY!

Since its beginning in 1973 starting as “Dongjin Mountain”, BLAKCYAK & Dongjin Leisure continue to grow as one of the leading outdoor brands in Korea with the brand portfolio of BLACKYAK, mountia, and karrimor.
We take great care of ensuring that we provide a wide range of quality products for Mt. Everest expedition as well as day hikers, so customers love our products and enjoy outdoor life.
As a result, we are composed with a diverse portfolio of brands: “Himalayan original” BLACKYAK, “mountain utopia” mountia, and “British Original” karrimor.
Moreover, BLACKYAK and Dongjin Leisure challenged outside Korea while other brands were solely focused on Korean market.
We became the first outdoor brand in Korea to establish foreign branch in China and have continued to increase the business to become No. 1 outdoor brand in China.
Despite the accolades and growth, we continue to challenge ourselves to better serve our customer for years to come.
We would not settle down where we are now.
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To be the leading outdoor group in the world, WE CHALLENGE EVERYDAY!
40th anniversary of BLACKYAK and Dongjin Leisure.

So, come around Hall B6 Booth 503 to meet us and our Korean BLACK YAK friends.




Gerlinde and Ralf – straight from K2 to ‘das aktuelle Sportstudio’

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Translated by Ms Billi Bierling

Austrian mountaineer, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, has just become the first woman to climb the world’s 14 highest peaks without the use of supplementary oxygen. She finished this amazing feat with an impressive climb up K2 using a different, and not very often climbed route – the North Pillar. Gerlinde and her husband, Ralf Dujmovits, were climbing with a team of four other mountaineers and during their expedition they had to overcome extreme difficulties. They had to deal with avalanches, rock fall and breaking trail through hip-deep snow at dizzying altitudes above 8,000m. On 23 August at 6.18pm, Gerlinde together with three other climbers, stood on top of the second highest peak in the world and with this achievement, she certainly wrote mountaineering history.

After having been on the mountain for more than two-and-a-half months, the couple arrived in Germany on Saturday, 3rd September and instead of getting a rest at home, Ralf and Gerlinde went straight to ‘das aktuelle Sportstudio’ to share their remarkable experience.

OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD | Valandre Immelman – Down jacket | GOLD award

GOLD Winner of Industry AWARD 2011“Valandre Immelman” – Down jacket

Manufacturer: Valandre, Belcaire/France
Design: Valandre, Belcaire/France

Of the 301 product entries, the jury chose a total of 46 to receive an award; eleven of those entries received a GOLD award for special achievement in terms of design and innovation.
Mountain-climbing equipment (An open and difficult category):
A newly developed chamber system prevents the down from sliding around in this jacket. It was specially designed for use in the high mountains at low temperatures to allow for an extremely wide range of movement.
Jury’s opinion: “The right jacket for cold weather in the high mountains. It has been perfectly crafted; there are as few seams as possible and it provides a great fit. A fantastic product for the coldest regions in the world!”
Darek Zaluski in CII on the North Pillar of K2, testing the GOLD awarded Immelman jacket.

Camp II – Darek Zaluski (Poland)

  Darek Zaluski in CII on the North Pillar of K2

Testing the GOLD awarded Immelman jacket.

Immelman down jacket | Latest product information


The Immelman

Stick’em up everybody……this is a hold up!


Since the first presentation at the Outdoor Retailer, we have continued the development of the Immelman.

Latest product information concerning the Immelman.

The technical key issue in the Immelman is the combination of articulation and a compartment system, that fixes the insulating down exactly where it is designed to be. To raise the performance of the Immelman, we have increased the total number of body side and inner sleeve compartment from 6 to 9. This increase in lateral compartments, offers a better guarantee that the insulation is maintained in the correct place, once the arms in movements and raised up.


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