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Shocking Blue Down Sleeping Bag by Valandré

Valandre Shocking Blue - Down sleeping bagReview Shocking Blue Down Sleeping Bag

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Reviewed by pillowthread :

Well, here’s a review telling you how I took my size long Valandre Shocking Blue, a 3lb bag EN comfort rated at 16F, to a verified -15F, and slept as soundly as I ever have. At first, you’ll pass it off as experimenter bias, telling yourself that anyone who even considers—let alone owns—an $800 sleeping bag is going to think highly of it to begin with. You’ll say my thermometer had to be off. You’ll tell yourself that, with the clothing I wore, and the fact that I slept on two pads, on snow, inside a double wall tent, you could have done the same in your Antelope or Snowbunting. I mean, they have around the same 30 ounces of high-quality down, right? Right? Well, I’m not so sure you could.

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Immelman down jacket | Latest product information


The Immelman

Stick’em up everybody……this is a hold up!


Since the first presentation at the Outdoor Retailer, we have continued the development of the Immelman.

Latest product information concerning the Immelman.

The technical key issue in the Immelman is the combination of articulation and a compartment system, that fixes the insulating down exactly where it is designed to be. To raise the performance of the Immelman, we have increased the total number of body side and inner sleeve compartment from 6 to 9. This increase in lateral compartments, offers a better guarantee that the insulation is maintained in the correct place, once the arms in movements and raised up.


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라파옛 | 발란드레 (Valandre)| 침낭

쇼킹 블루 | 발란드레 (Valandre)| 침낭

쇼킹 블루 | 발란드레 (Valandre)| 침낭

Valandre. The only gear to have when the Sherpa is you

며칠 전에 프랑스 브랜드 발란드레(Valandre)의 다운 침낭(sleeping bags) 중 라파옡(La Fayette) 모델을 받았습니다. 최대한 저렴하게 사기 위해서 미국에 있는 분에게 부탁하여 미국 주소로 물건을 보냈고, 이번에 국내에 들어오면서 저에게 전달해 주었습니다. 인터넷으로 알게 된 분인데 대단히 감사할 따름입니다!!! Continue reading “라파옛 | 발란드레 (Valandre)| 침낭” »

Shocking Blue | Valandre | Down Sleeping bags

Valandre Shocking Blue - Down sleeping bagShocking Blue | Valandre | Down Sleeping bags

Shocking Blue | Down Sleeping bags | Description :

Valandre Shocking Blue 800 Sleeping Bag (Fall 2010) The Valandre Shocking Blue Sleeping Bag is electric. No, it’s not an electric sleeping bag – the Valandre Shocking Blue bag is better than an electric blanket. This subzero Valandre sleeping bag was named for its technology and innovative design. 91 custom cut fabric panels layer the Valandre Shocking Blue from your head to your toes, making sure that not even your forehead feels cold on a frigid night. Valandre loads up the down in the foot compartments to keep your footsies toasty. The Valandre Tubular Bell construction will keep you warm in the roughest condidtions out there. Totally tubular. FEATURES of the Shocking Blue 800 Sleeping Bag by Valandre Cut of the hood keeps a constant level of insulation over all sides of the head, even on the forehead Draft collar seals the bodies heat into the bag with its revolutionary closure system that comfortably hugs the neck Valandre’s Tubular Bell construction allows the inner and outer fabric to maximize the fat French grey goose down 91 custom cut fabric panels and baffles Down is expanded by your body heat and inflates the compartment and the bag will begin to lift off of your body Foot section presents a trapezoidal form allowing the feet to naturally fall away from each other Increased down load in the foot compartments make even the coldest night more bearable

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Mirage | Valandre | Sleeping bags

 Valandre Mirage 3/4 - Down sleeping bag

Mirage | Valandre | Sleeping bags

Valandre | Down Sleeping bags | Description :

The Valandre Mirage Sleeping Bag combines a full differential cut, pre-cut anatomically formed baffles and ultra-light Asahi-Kasei Impact 66 Ripstop Polyamide fabric gives you a bag that will almost keep its loft even without down. But although that would work wonders for the pack size, we’ve added 12oz. of 850+ French Goose Down just to keep you comfy. Built on the principles of the best-selling Shocking Blue and the La Fayette, the Mirage goes ultra-light using Asahi Kasei Impact 66 Ripstop Polyamid 37g/m squared throughout the bag, employing a ONE THIRD length (13.5in) left zipper and leaving out the draft collar. While the temperature rating should eliminate the need for a draft collar, the zipper is positioned between the shoulder and neck, where the need for insulation is less. Also the Valandre Mirage is cut wide to accommodate layering if needed. Consider using this bag in conjuction with the Kiruna Jacket.

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