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Valandre Lafayette | DESNIVEL GOLD AWARD


Finally – The La Fayette received the recognition from the Spanish specialized climbing magazine DESNIVEL. The La Fayette was the first differential cut bag from Valandre using pre-cut, but circular baffles. We used circular baffles to make it easy and basically test, if it was possible to develop and produce such a technology. Once knowing that it was possible, we developed the anatomical baffle system in a “full gas high tech style”, presented in the Shocking Blue.

The La Fayette was and is a bag intended to be used under extreme conditions: The colder the better, but in warm conditions not the right choice: It’s a super light non compromising design: Comfort – forget about it – this one kilo bag has to be as effective as possible.

So in reality, once it’s f…… cold, the cold also comes from the ground, so in order to protect the vital parts (heart and lungs), you have to sleep (read rest) laying on your side. So the La Fayette is a “center half size zipped bag”. The zipper length is calculated to allow to just enter the bag that is in connection with the “guillotine styled draft collar”. Once the collar closed it is very difficult to get a heat loss from the neck, so the heat stays in the bag.

To minimize the heat circulation, and to concentrate it to the vital upper breast part, a draw cord is placed at the waist.

And finally, as you get up on your side, and take protection in a fetus position, your knees put pressure on the front of the bag, with the risk of the down to shift away. To solve this 3 smaller side closed compartments are installed in the bag, eliminating the risk of down shift.

The La Fayette is a super sharp non compromising climbing and expedition bag. A kind of Lotus SUPER 7 without shock absorbers.

Actually the spirit of Valandre.

라파옛 | 발란드레 (Valandre)| 침낭

쇼킹 블루 | 발란드레 (Valandre)| 침낭

쇼킹 블루 | 발란드레 (Valandre)| 침낭

Valandre. The only gear to have when the Sherpa is you

며칠 전에 프랑스 브랜드 발란드레(Valandre)의 다운 침낭(sleeping bags) 중 라파옡(La Fayette) 모델을 받았습니다. 최대한 저렴하게 사기 위해서 미국에 있는 분에게 부탁하여 미국 주소로 물건을 보냈고, 이번에 국내에 들어오면서 저에게 전달해 주었습니다. 인터넷으로 알게 된 분인데 대단히 감사할 따름입니다!!! Continue reading “라파옛 | 발란드레 (Valandre)| 침낭” »