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Shocking Blue | Valandre | Down Sleeping bags

Valandre Shocking Blue - Down sleeping bagShocking Blue | Valandre | Down Sleeping bags

Shocking Blue | Down Sleeping bags | Description :

Valandre Shocking Blue 800 Sleeping Bag (Fall 2010) The Valandre Shocking Blue Sleeping Bag is electric. No, it’s not an electric sleeping bag – the Valandre Shocking Blue bag is better than an electric blanket. This subzero Valandre sleeping bag was named for its technology and innovative design. 91 custom cut fabric panels layer the Valandre Shocking Blue from your head to your toes, making sure that not even your forehead feels cold on a frigid night. Valandre loads up the down in the foot compartments to keep your footsies toasty. The Valandre Tubular Bell construction will keep you warm in the roughest condidtions out there. Totally tubular. FEATURES of the Shocking Blue 800 Sleeping Bag by Valandre Cut of the hood keeps a constant level of insulation over all sides of the head, even on the forehead Draft collar seals the bodies heat into the bag with its revolutionary closure system that comfortably hugs the neck Valandre’s Tubular Bell construction allows the inner and outer fabric to maximize the fat French grey goose down 91 custom cut fabric panels and baffles Down is expanded by your body heat and inflates the compartment and the bag will begin to lift off of your body Foot section presents a trapezoidal form allowing the feet to naturally fall away from each other Increased down load in the foot compartments make even the coldest night more bearable

Shocking Blue | Down Sleeping bags | Specifications:

Fabric: Asashi KASEI 100% Polyamide Nylon 6-6 Ripstop 40.7g/m2 DWR treatment / 100% Polyester 40.8g/m2 DWR treatment
Down Quality: Goose 850+
Down Load: 27.5 oz. (781 g)
Comfort Rating: 16deg F (-9deg C)
Extreme Rating: -18deg F (-28deg C)
Compressed Volume: 9.5 liters
Average Total Weight: 48.6 oz. (1380 g)
Inside Length: Small: 66.9in. /170 cm
Inside Length: Medium: 72.8in. / 185 cm
Inside Length: Large: 78.7in. / 200 cm
Circumference: 63.3in. / 56.7in. / 41.7in. (166 / 144 / 106 cm) (Shoulder/Hip/Foot)

MoonTrail Valandre Shocking Blue details

Valandre Shocking Blue : shown in included compression sack

The Shocking Blue includes a mesh storage bag and a nylon compression sack. The photo above shows the bag in the compression sack next to a gallon jug which is filled with water to equal the weight of the bag and compression sack (the jug is filled to 2.9″ deep).

Valandre Shocking Blue : with zipper fully open

This photo of the Valandre Shocking Blue shows the sleeping bag with the full length side zipper fully open. This mummy style mountaineering bag features a unique draft collar and premium 800 fill goose down insulation.

Valandre Shocking Blue : detail of bag closure and draft collar

The Shocking Blue uses a double sided snag-free zipper with a hook and loop fastener at the top to keep the bag from opening. An insulation filled draft tube (red arrow) and form-fitting two piece draft collar (purple arrow) help to keep heat inside the bag.

Valandre Shocking Blue : detail of draft collar

The photo above was taken looking down from the top of the Shocking Blue into the face opening of the bag with the draft collar fastened shut. The collar is a two piece design closed with a zipper on one side (red arrow) and a hook and loop closure on the other side (green arrow). The neck opening can be cinched shut using an elastic drawcord adjustment (purple arrow). In the photo above, a piece of orange fabric has been placed inside the bag to make the neck opening more visible.

Valandre Shocking Blue : detail of bag closure

The top of the bag features a hook and loop closure (red arrows) and a double drawcord system with interlocking adjusters (shown in model’s hand). The drawcord adjusters can be used separately, or snapped together at the top of the side zipper.

Valandre Shocking Blue : with face opening loosed

The photo above shows the Valandre Shocking Blue sleeping bag with the face opening fully open for maximum ventilation.

Valandre Shocking Blue : with face opening cinched closed

The insulated hood can be cinched down around the user’s head by tightening the drawcord adjustments on the face opening. This configuration helps to retain heat in extremely cold conditions.

Valandre Shocking Blue : detail of footbox and side venting option

In warmer conditions, the side zipper can be partially opened from the bottom of the bag to provide ventilation to the foot section. The ergonomic footbox is shown empty in the photo above to demonstrate the loft and shape retention of the footbox.

Shocking Blue | Down Sleeping bags | Video :